*****COMING SOON*****

Owning a firearm is great but actually knowing how to efficiently and correctly use it is another story.  I have always had the passion not only to learn but to teach and well a passion for firearms and shooting so naturally the two came together the more involved I became with firearms. As the firearms community continues to grow I have noticed some things with training that I noticed. You have the NRA program which is great to teach people the very basics of firearms manipulation, you have a lot of people trying to pass themselves off as instructors but the reality is they enjoy wearing cool guy equipment and want you to see how awesomely fast they shoot after doing a Hondo roll and you have these absolutely awesome instructors that share the passion for what they do and have some top notch information to share with people but a beginner shooter has no chance of keeping up in one of their training classes. This to me leaves out a huge number of people that are really interested in learning how to correctly and efficiently use a firearm but either do not know where to go, are intimidated by these “operator instructors” or do not possess the skills for some of the more advanced training. This is where I insert myself. I have designed a fundamental handgun class (to start with, more class will be available in the future) that will be focused not on “tactical shooting” but rather more “practical”. We will cover the basic fundamentals of grip, stance, trigger pull, recoil management and so on, with a build up to learning how to clear malfunctions, draw from a holster and perform a reload. In my eyes, these are things that are vital for any shooter/firearm owner to have mastered, no matter if you are a law enforcement officer, military, CHL carrier or just want to own a firearm. This training class is designed to be simple, cover all the necessary fundamentals to constant accurate shooting but will not be too difficult for a beginner or too boring for a more advanced shooter. I will present you will drills that you can take back with you and practice on your own, as well as prepare you for some of the more advanced training available. This is not about learning how to be a quick draw speed shooter, but rather how to correctly place accurate shots into your target and create repeatable habits.

More information regarding the training will be posted in the near future and we will both be setting up classes for open enrollment but will also be doing private training classes, including female only and youth.

Texas CHL will also be added in the future.