Double Stack: $275-325

Glock frame work is the most requested customization that we offer here at TXT, where it be your G17 duty pistol or your G26 EDC, we offer the perfect enhancement for your needs. Our most popular package is the ASHPRO which includes finger groove removal, a double undercut, the signature TXT Thumb-shelf, a slight reduction and the 360 degree stipple recessed with a clean, hand cut border. You can choose from three different stipple patterns: The Signature Microdot, Cross-hatch and Pinstripe. We have found that these upgrades prove to be the perfect combination for hard use, whether it be your carry, competition or duty pistol!


Additional Modifications:

The “K” Package (+$75.00) which we will chop the frame to fit the magazine of the next size down pistol. This is my personal favorite mod for a carry pistol and my EDC is the TXT G17K.

TXT Fastback Glock (+35) is newer to the list of enhancements, we actually will flatten out the “Glock Hump” on the backstrap of the frame and change that grip angle slightly for you without the need of adding the extra material of an aftermarket beavertail.

Silicon Carbide Package $200 This is an option for those that are looking for the more aggressive texture, we still do all the same frame modifications, just with inlayed SiC instead of stippling!

Single Stack: $200

For those that are needing that slight enhancement to their G36, G42 and G43 we offer our Single Stack Package (SSP). This package includes a single undercut (double undercut by request), stippled index points, 360 degree stipple and 1 magazine extension to match the frame. (additional magazines $25.00 each)

USPSA Package $250.00

We offer this specifically for the USPSA shooters out there! It is very similar to the ASHPRO Package but only in the areas that are approved in USPSA for Production/Limited. We do the single undercut, finger groove removal, slight frame reduction and the 360 degree inlayed stipple, offered in the Signature Microdot, Cross-hatch and Pinstripe.  

Economy Packages:

Single Stack $150   Double Stack: $200

This is a newer package that we are now offering for those that are just wanting the barebones frame modifications. It includes finger groove removal, a single undercut, stippled index points and the 360 degree stipple, but instead of our signature patterns, the stippling is all done with a stamp.



CZ P-10C $300.00

TXT Custom Gun Works was honored to have the opportunity to be the first custom shop to enhance the frame on the P-10C and were featured in an article on The Firearms Blog, and is probably one of my favorite frames to work on. The P-10 Frame Enhancement Package includes reshaping of the frame for better ergonomics, removal of all the factory “texture”, stippled index points towards the front of the frame and to the bottom of the trigger guard, blended backstrap and a 360 degree recessed stipple. You can choose from the TXT Cross-hatch pattern or the TXT Signature Microdot, either provide a solid grip on the pistol and a clean look.  


CZ P-07/P-09 $300.00


Although the P-10C is a most common polymer CZ pistol that we work on, it does not mean that we do not show the love for the CZ hammer guns! Like the P-10, on the P-07 and P-09 the enhancements include reshaping of the frame for better ergonomics, removal of all the factory “texture”, stippled index points towards the front of the frame and to the bottom of the trigger guard, blended backstrap and a 360 degree recessed stipple. The CZ Hammer Gun Stipple Package is offered in both the Cross-hatch and the Signature Microdot.


 Smith & Wesson

M&P Series $300.00

The Smith & Wesson M&P Series were some of the frames that we at TXT had the opportunity to work on and the stippling is a fantastic upgrade with the minimal texture that comes factor on the M&P. The enhancement package that we offer for these pistols includes a single or double undercut, reshaping of the frame, stippled index points and a 360 degree stipple in either the Signature Microdot or the Cross-hatch pattern. This upgrade offers not only a better grip and better control for recoil management but an overall better purchase with every draw. (Additional stippled backstraps 35.00 each)


M&P Shield $225.00

The M&P Shield is probably one of the most popular single stack striker fired handguns out there for EDC and the TXT Shield Package just makes it an even better carry pistol. This package includes a single undercut, stippled index points, 360 degree stippling in either Microdot or Cross-hatching and stippling on one magazine extension to match the frame! ($25.00 for each additional mag extension).



2011 Stipple Package

165.00 (275.00 w/grip)

The 2011 is easily the most popular competition pistol for 3 Gun and USPSA, and with the popularity, we obviously have a need to just make that STI polymer grip better! The 2011 Stipple Package includes a single or double undercut, lower grip screw hole fill, grip reshape and reduction and 360 degree stipple. This package takes the large, blocky STI grip and makes it fit your hand like a glove…a glove that will not slip even with the sweatiest of hands!

2011 SiC Package

135.00 (250 w/grip)


The Silicon Carbide Package for the STI 2011 grip offers the same modifications for the better ergonomics, but instead of the stippled texture, the more aggressive SiC is applied to the grip. This enhancement is not for the weak of heart or soft hands!



Shotguns: $175-$250

Since those of us at TXT are all competitive shooters and most of us shoot 3 Gun, we understand that there is a need for stippling on more than just handguns, so we offer our awesome TXTurizing on your favorite shotgun as well! We add stippling on both the stock or pistol grip and the forend to add that extra grip exactly where it is needed! The patterns offered for shotguns is a big dot, the Signature Microdot and Cross-hatch. FYI, this isn’t just perfect for your 3 Gun Shotgun, ask Chance about how his stippled duck gun isn’t on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean because we stippled his shotgun before he headed out on a hunting trip.


Other Polymer Firearms and Grips

Unlike a lot of the custom shops out there that do not offer a lot of variety in the firearms that they will stipple and enhance, we here at TXT do not limit the awesomeness to just a few select models of firearms! We are happy to work on any polymer frame pistol or accessories. We have stippled everything from Ruger LCPs to multiple out of the Springfield XD family to stocks on bolt action rifles, as well as AR pistol grips, knives and all kinds of other essentials in our equipment locker! Just let us know what all you need work done on.


Due to the nature of custom work prices may vary.


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