Firearm Sales

Here at TXT we can not only TXTurize TM and customize your handgun but we are also able to order just about any firearm that you are looking for and almost always able to beat prices from some of the larger chain stores. Not only that but we will offer you much better customer service, trust me I know. I used to work at a few of the big box stores.

Custom Firearms

Currently TXT is rapidly growing in the custom firearms field just beyond just stippling on polymer frames. We have a few secret projects that are underway and will be more than excited to release to everyone when they are ready but we also do custom work on a variety of different firearms.

Firearm Accessories

Need lights, lasers, scopes, holsters, duty gear, reloading supplies, knives, magazines,  you name it and I will get it for you and will do it at a better price than most of your retail stores.

Other Specialties

Some of the other services we offer include:

  •  Custom Triggers for a variety of firearms

  • Sight Installation

  • Action Bedding

  • Stock Replacement

  • AR-15 Assembly

  • Cleaning/Basic Repairs

  • TXT Custom AR-15 Builds

  • and more…