NFA Items

TXT Custom Gun Works is not isolated to just stippling a few Glock frames or ordering that 10-22 that you have had your eye on, we are here to handle your complete firearm needs. This includes Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles and Machine Guns and YES THEY ARE LEGAL!!!! or at least in TEXAS they are.



We are a proud partner with Silencer Shop and are happy to provide any of their inventory at the lowest cost allowed! If it is not a product that is carried through Silencer Shop, we are happy to order any silencer that fits your needs, just ask!

Short Barreled Rifles

TXT Custom Gun Works is classified as a FFL 07/02 which means that we have the capabilities of building that mission driven SBR that fits the mission! Here at TXT we believe that the mission drives the gear and we are here to build you the best solution for that mission. We build TXT-15s starting with 7.5” barrels and up, offer options including LAW folders, pin and welded suppressors, and clone builds.

***We offer a take home today program for SBRs, we will build it as a TXT-15 Pistol and include the Form 1 packet, help you fill out the required forms and once your stamp is approved we will put the buffer tube and stock on your newly approved SBR for free!

Machine Guns

Machine Guns: If you are looking for a transferable, we will track them down for you and give you the best price in town!

TXT Custom Gun Works is happy to do select fire conversions for LE and other FFL SOTs. Please contact us with any questions. ALL NFA Rules/Laws apply!


We are happy to handle all your NFA transfers, pricing ranges from $35.00-100.00